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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Diamond Clarity

An eye clean diamond is considered to be a stone that has no visible imperfections or inclusions to the naked eye. An eye clean diamond usually falls into the category of SI clarity (slightly included). SI stones are less expensive than FL (flawless), (IF) internally flawless, VVS (very very slightly included) and VS clarity (very slightly included) stones. Usually under a 10x magnifying loupe, one will be able to spot the inclusions.

Most people wonder if the inclusions affect the diamonds’ performance or structural integrity. If indeed there is an immense cloud or an imperfection, then it can affect a diamond’s ability to transmit and disperse light.

Customers at The Facets Collection do not encounter this problem, simply because we specialize in VVS-VS in clarity and only use ideal and premium cut diamonds. Although color and clarity are extremely important when purchasing a diamond, the cut is the most important factor in a diamond’s fire and brilliance This is why we are happy to specialize in ideal cut diamonds. Ideal cut diamonds are all about light optics and the ideal angles that generate the utmost effect. The cut is vital to the beauty of the diamond. If the stone is cut too deep, it will affect the way the light passes and reflects the diamond. If the stone has a very shallow cut, it will appear dark. When the stone is ideal in cut, it exhibit maximum visual performance and optimum cut precision. An ideal cut stone has the highest evaluation available for polish, symmetry, proportions and visual presentation.

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